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33 Degree Angle Shelving

Would I be able to use this tool to build a shelf at a 33 degree angle? I see a 45 and a 90 with various holes, so are those holes there to get different angles? The shelving would go up from the user end to the wall. I'm wanting to reconfigure the shelving in a room to accommodate laptops that sit up at a 33 degree angle.

Hello Lighted,

Good question! The answer is no because the medium-length leg is preset to 45- degree line, but what you can do is, get an angle tool, trace a 33-degree line and place the RPC tool on where you traced the line then mark where you need to drill holes to mount your shelves.


RPC Team


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Drill holes. Why didn't I know that?

So it sounds like I could do this with any angle I see fit.

Good information sir, thank you.