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A cubby for litter box

Well, it's official, the RODY Precision Corner tool works great for just about anything. I say that as a cat owner who just used it to build a cubby for my cat's litter box. I doubt that's what the creator had in mind, but it came in handy nonetheless. The litter box is completely unnoticeable now, which is just the way I like it.

Hello peachy keen,

Thank you for the positive feedback! Interesting concept.  We are glad to know that the RPC tool helped you with your litter box project.  If you wish, please share pictures under the Projects section for others to see.  🙂


RPC Team

That's pretty cool! Did you build the cubby in the wall or is it a box and you put a cube around it? I'd love to hear more about this. I detest seeing our cat litter box. Does it help with the smell too?

What a great idea to use the tool for. Litter boxes are such a mess and an eyesore. I'm glad the tool worked to make the project easier.

Does your kitty like it? I know some finicky cats that wouldn't!

I'm picturing a hole in the wall with a retractable bottom that the litter box sits on. Periodically, pull out the bottom to clean the box, then push it back in. Is that pretty much what it is?