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A Shade/Angle Question

I have seen a few houses that have an attic with windows in it. The ceiling is pitched because the roof is pitched, and that makes the windows look awkward in a way.

So I was wondering, how do you think it would look if you could buy a roller shade that is angled to match the pitch of the ceiling? It would have to be made special in order for the shade to come down " straight" at an "angle" if you know what I mean, but do you think that would look less awkward than a regular window under a pitched ceiling?

I don't think I have ever seen anything like that before. To be clear, I'm not sure that I know exactly what you mean. I do agree that those types of rooms and windows are awkward.

I like them; I think it gives the house character. I guess one person's "awkward" spot is another person's housing "feature". I bet your idea would work. I think pleated shades that are quite rigid might work best since you need them to lay a certain way. A roller shade could work if you attached the other end at the bottom once you'd unfurled it. If you give it a shot, I hope you'll let us know how it went.

I've seen those windows and nooks before, but they don't usually have blinds, shades, or anything else. They're typically up fairly high, so it's unlikely anyone could see in.

I don't think the material matters so long as you have the right hardware installed. This is a good instance where the RODY Precision Corner tool can make the project easier to complete.