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Are window treatments are an investment in a home?

So when you choose window treatments, does it depend on the cost of material or the panels?

Would you choose something inexpensive just because you need to cover the windows?

I believe your home is a reflection of yourself and your personality in each every day,

your home is like a canvas and you are the painter.

So having a personal consultation for a one to one expert, in the long run, might be a great investment.

It depends if you plan to sell in the future.

Some people will like your treatments and they will pay more. Others dont lik, since they want their own tratments and are not will to pay extra for the actual ones, since they will want new ones.

And if you are not planning to sell, of course is an investment, since you have to like the home where you are going to live.


I think changing up the curtains and hardware is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to change the look of a room.  You can find some great deals if you shop around and it's much easier than painting the whole room a different color.  I would consider hiring a consultant if I was redoing the whole house, but not if I'm only changing the curtains.

I prefer to DIY when it comes to my home and would take that on myself.  I enjoy it!  Window treatments are a fantastic investment in my opinion.  They can change the whole look and feel of the room plus they help with temperature regulation.

I prefer to have a proper treatments if you want to increase value of your home and it often help to increase your personality and home CV too. It is good if you want to sell your house in future.

Not enough to make a difference. Your future prospective buyers are looking at several other more important features to your home and the window treatments likely won't change anyone's decision to buy a home when the cost of replacement is relative. Your realtor will have better advice for you when it's time.

Now, hurricane shutters on the other hand, are an excellent investment in your home and in most cases even lower your homeowners insurance.

Investing in custom window treatments could be an investment, if you do it right. It will increase your home value, decrease days on market, and provide energy-efficiency, all at a price you can afford!