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Best Choice for Keeping Home Cool in Summer?

We currently have vertical blinds in our home, but we would like to replace them as they are rather old. What is the best choice for keeping our home cool in the summer - curtains, blinds, or shades?

I don't know if it is the best way, but I do know that closing your curtains helps.  It also helps keeping the heat in during the winter. Of course you need a heavy curtain, sheer curtains won't work.

Hanging thick curtains can make a huge difference in the temperature of the room, but even better is a curtain and blind combo.  Blinds lie closely against the window pane which helps keep the heat out and the curtains provide an extra buffer to keep the sun out and your cool air-conditioned air in.

Maybe blackout curtains could help you. They seem like a practical option, specially if yopu already use curtains



Best choice for you is blackout curtains as I am using for while and it works for me without any problem and it makes room cooler than other rooms which have normal blinds.

Hi, I have some simple suggestions that you might try out
1) Shade the house with awnings, blinds, pergolas and deciduous trees.

2) Open windows when it's cooler outside; close when it's hotter outside.

3) Use insulation strips around windows and doors

Curtains are better at insulating your home but blinds are more energy efficient. However, heat leaks through blinds all day long. My suggestion would be shades or curtains if you want to control the heat - and if you want to get creative, window films are always an option.