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Black blinds

What are your thoughts on black blinds? Do you think they would show dust easier than a white or lighter color blind? I know black vehicles look dirty before white vehicles (which totally surprises me).

I think they would attract dust and look dirty/dusty. You would see any animal hair on them too.

I mean if you want to dust them often, go for it. I love the black look.

I think black and white both go with any other color, whereas other colors you have to be picky about what you choose to go with it. I don't think a color has much to do with seeing the dust easier. Except white.

Some homeowners think that they do the best job of blocking out light simply due to their dark color. I have a friend like that. I have to say that the blinds get HOT! I helped her paint one day and the blinds were uncomfortable to touch.

Black blinds do show dust. I don't know what it is about the color black, but it shows dirt and dust.

I like the look of black though. It's sleek and classy.

I see no issue with using black blinds. I would think they would help keep the heat in the house in the winter. I could see how it would hold the heat in during the summer too.