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Brick And Mortar Sales

Will this product ever make it to the shelves in hardware and home improvement stores? I know the timing may be wrong right now with the current health concerns, but maybe that will give it more time to help the popularity grow.



Hello Leveled,

Hopefully, our products will be stocked in every hardware and home improvement store in the future.



The home improvement stores are still as busy as ever in my location. People are wearing masks, but don't seem afraid to venture out and spend some money. It would be a boon to see the products on store shelves. I might go shopping with one specific thing in mind, but I often end up grabbing whatever else looks useful and cool.

Yes that will surly bring some attention and you should go for affordable home improvement store to range your products as it give you more chance to sale it. You can also joins online stores like Amazon and others which already popular and you have more chance to increase sales.

Even with Covid, home improvement is rising and companies like Home Depot and Lowe's are doing really well. I think this pandemic gives companies time to plan and restructure so I can see a lot of new tools and things coming to the market. It would be fantastic to see this product hit the big shelves.

Hello TonyFL,

Thank you for the positive feedback.  I'm hoping to see these products hit the big shelves too.