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Colored Bathroom Sink

I'm thinking about redoing my bathroom. The bathroom sink really needs to be replaced! I'm thinking about getting a colored bathroom sink. What does everyone think of this idea?

What color and will it match your bathroom? I've never really seen colored bathroom sinks. I think it would be neat if it matched. We are redoing our bathroom next. I want a square sink.

I think a colored bathroom sink would be different. What color are you looking at? I haven't really seen any in stores. Are they special order? I could see using a dark brown or black one - that would be chic looking.

I think this is a really cute idea. I hadn't heard that this was an option before, so I'm pretty interested in hearing how it works out. Do you know if you can only get colored bathroom sinks, or can you get one for the kitchen too?

It could add a good accent to the room if it's the right color. Red front doors to houses are a thing now, so think in line with that because a red door stands out visually.

I think this would be really fun! Are colored sinks more expensive than a regular sink? I think that this would be a really cute idea, but if it's far more expensive, I might not go with it.