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Cordless or corded


For an apartment with small kids would corded blinds be a good option or cordless blinds be the way to go .??

When my kids were younger we had cordless. You can have whichever you prefer but just be careful with the cords. You could always tuck the cords in so they don't hang.

Corded. I've tried both models and I didn't like the cordless version as much because it showed everyone's fingerprints. You have to handle those blinds in order to raise or lower them. You have to use your fingers to lift some panels up if you want to see out. They become dirty in no time, especially with kids in the house. Mine were white, though. It might not show as bad if you select a different color.

How young are the kids? If you are worried about them getting stuck in the cords, I would go with cordless. Cordless are a lot more expensive though. Sometimes kids are rough on blinds, so that would make me lean towards corded ones (cheaper).