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Curtains or blinds?

Just trying to decide and get an idea of what I  should be looking for, I have medium sized blinds.


I guess it depends on your aesthetics.  I mean, go with the blinds if they look nicer to you, or switch to curtains.  You could always pair them.  Here is an article that discusses pairing curtains with blinds:

Pairing Curtains and Blinds - Curtain World (July 2019)



Agreed, for me, as far as light protection goes, they both offer the same (Although I prefer blinds).

It would depend on 1. Aesthethic and 2. What method of 'Closing' You prefer (i.e pulling curtains vs Shutting blinds)

Personally I like the look of blinds and curtains together. I think curtains give it a more finished look. I always draw the curtains back and lift the blinds. I really only use the blinds if it is super sunny out or really cold (to try to control the temperature in the room).

Are you considering which would be best for keeping your house cooler in summer and warmer in winter or is it a matter of aesthetics? Personally, I prefer either horizontal blinds or curtains. The vertical ones have always been more problematic for me.

I always had curtains, but since I am thinking in building a house for the first time, maybe this time I will choose blinds, I think they fit better the idea I have for the style.

So maybe, it also depends of how your room/house looks.

I prefer curtains over blinds because it is good option and now a days you can have warmer option too so it is good in winter too. Also less maintenance means you can save money and easy to clean.