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I've noticed more commercials lately that are trying to get people sold on having custom-made blinds or shades. They never mention the price though. Are they terribly expensive? What is the whole appeal here? I don't get it.

I think some people see it as a status symbol to have something that's bespoke. However, some windows are just truly hard to fit with what you can grab off the store shelves. Sometimes blinds that are custom-made are the only option if you want a perfect fit.

From what I've seen, most custom-made blinds come with a lifetime warranty. You can't beat that. I bet it encourages some buyers to make the leap.

I don't know the cost but I bet it's not cheap. I know that some odd sized windows are hard to find blinds for. I think the only way to get a perfect fit would be to custom make them. Lifetime warranty is a plus too.

Oh I would love custom made blinds! I have a couple odd size windows and no blinds ever fit perfectly! I will have to look into these custom made blinds. Anyone have a company that they have used and can recommend?