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Darken the room

I work as a lab tech at the hospital and I recently got moved to the night shift.  I don't mind working at night, but it's hard to fall asleep when my shift is over.  I can tell it's daylight outside and my body doesn't want to rest.  What's the best window treatment for a situation like this?  I need to darken the room, so I can sleep.  Right now I have blankets thrown over a rod to help keep the sun out.  It's an interesting look.

Shop around for some blackout blinds  or blackout shades.  They should do a decent job of keeping the light out.  It might help to change your bedroom layout as well.  Get the head of your bed away from the windows that get early morning light.

Blackout curtains do a well job blocking light, I have seen taht trend in hotel rooms too. It really helps to sleep

Blackout curtains are probably your best bet. TyCohen has a good idea - try to arrange your bed so that the head of the bed isn't near the window. Wearing an eye mask can also help block out light so you can get to sleep more easily.

I would use blinds and blackout curtains. Hotel rooms use blackout curtains and then sheer curtains over them (to dress them up). I would think standard blinds and blackout curtains would do the trick.

I had no idea that blackout curtains were a thing! I ordered a few sets and hopefully they will solve the problem once I get them hung. Thanks!

You can use blackout curtains which will make your sleep better and I seen in hotel and they used dim lights to make you feel sleepy. Try them it might be work as it is same thing often hospital uses.

Aesthetically I'd pick out some really dark shades, if not blackout. There are also some window films that help block some light out of a room and are easy to install. Obviously, the lighter the shade curtain you have the more light will enter your room.

Walmart and Amazon have lot's of affordable options

Blackout curtains can be an effective part of getting more sleep, which in turn can improve your overall health and quality of life. Because having some light in the room will make you half-asleep  😎

Well working as a lab tech is not easy but stressing , and indeed it isn't easy to sleep with light falling on your face. You can use blackout blinds as everyone else suggested , it'll help you to make things okay for you.