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DIY Room Décor Ideas


Your room is the place that gives you complete freedom to create. Your room is the place where you can try your different creations. Whether you want your room to have a rustic look, a contemporary look, or a relaxing vibe, the décor of your room helps to make your thoughts come to reality. There are several home décor ideas which you can try yourself. Having a customized décor allows you to match it with the style of your room. From wall arts to customized pillows, with DIY room décor ideas, you can give your room a new look. Here we will be providing you with some of the best DIY room décor ideas.

Simple Wall Art Gallery

If you have an empty wall in your room, you can add style to it without being complicated. You can paint some abstract paintings, like polka dots or stripes, on a canvas and hang them on that empty. This will transform that wall into a beautiful and eye-catching wall art gallery.

DIY Macramé Hanging

One of the best DIY room décor ideas for your home is a macramé wall hanging. The macramé wall hanging will beautify your room by giving it a handmade touch. If you don't know how to make a macramé wall hanging, you can see tutorials online. After viewing online tutorials, you will be able to create different patterns for your macramé wall hanging.

Hanging Candle Holders made of Glass

If you want some simplistic DIY room décor, you can opt to craft some beautiful candle holders made up of glass mason jars or recycled bottles. If you are using mason jars to crafting candle holders, you should make sure that you don't create too many.

Paper Crane Art

DIY paper origami cranes will create a bold visual look in your room. To give extra beauty to your room, you can pin paper cranes on an empty wall with little furniture. So go ahead, make origami paper cranes and pin them to the wall of your room.

Shelves made up of Wooden Crate.

To give your room a rustic look, then the best option for you is to make shelves using wooden crates. The wooden crate shelves provide a rustic look to your room, and the best thing about these DIY wooden crate shelves is that they are customizable, which means you can add any color you want to match the décor and color of your room. You can use it in your bedroom and use it for the bathroom, nursery, or office.

Photo Lamp

Finally, you can craft a photo lamp in which you can add photos with the people you love the most. When you are selecting the images, you must choose the ones that have special meaning. Like you can select wedding images, birthday images, etc.


Whether you want to redecorate your room entirely or add accents to your room, you must choose what best suits your space. Try any one of the above-listed DIY room décor ideas for your room and see how amazingly it transforms your room.