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Drapery and curtain choices

When you are making choices and decisions for the window treatments, there are several things to consider.

1. What is the room to be used for and where do the windows face and what is the sun exposure?

2. Is the room used for reading and needing the sunlight in the room? Is it to have plants in the room?

3. Will there be two sets of window treatments for the room? Lace curtains to allow light and then an overly of a heavier drape, for privacy?

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Thanks for the tips. One other thing I'd like to add, is that some will want to implement their favorite style, so they may want to get curtains/shades that match their overall style. Maybe it matches with your couch, carpet, and so on. Not really a tip, but I like to make sure everything matches in my home. I find it weird when going to some of my friends homes, and their curtains don't match their furniture for example. It's not a big deal, but it's a small pet peeve of mine.

One other tip, make sure you at least get curtain/shades that will give you the privacy you need.

Very nice tips. Some people have used the same windows treatments for all the house for years. But now we need to do it specific for every room. I am thinking even leave some rooms with no treatment for windows.

Great tips! Curtains are expensive too so you want to make sure you are happy with your choice.  I think it s important to get different ones for each room. Curtains kind of make the room.

Creative Window Treatment idea.

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