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Easiest to install

My mom needs some new blinds. She has some tools, but she's not the handiest person. What are the easiest blinds to install? If I lived closer to her, I'd go hang them myself.

It depends on the type of windows she has. If she has PVC double-glazed windows, then clip-in blinds are super easy to put up. If she has metallic window frames, then magnetic blinds will be the easiest to install.

I think the clip on blinds are pretty easy to install. I love the idea of magnetic blinds too. I wish I could use these in my windows.

Hopefully she is able to get the blinds hung with no issues.

Thanks for the thoughtful suggestions! I'm going to order some off Amazon and ship them to her, then try to talk her through the installation. She thought it sounded pretty easy when I explained it to her over the phone earlier.