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Easter DIY Projects

Does anyone have ideas for DIY Easter projects? I'm looking for ideas that both kids and adults could do. I was thinking a homemade Easter basket would be really cute!

They have kits that let you make small, wooden Easter baskets. I think you paint them yourself. It's a good little project for the future DIY'er in the house.

This is a super-cute idea! I love it. I think it would be a great project to do as a gift idea. The kiddos could paint the baskets, and then you can give the baskets away! I love coming up with ways that DIY can brighten someone else's day.

If you're doing your projects with younger children, why not make an Easter bunny headband? You could use pipe cleaners and fabric to make the headband. It would be really cute.

Oh these are great ideas! I remember when I was a kid we made big paper machete eggs. We blew up balloons and then put paper machete on them. Once they dried we popped the balloon. Paint them and cut out a piece. Fill it with Easter grass and then candy.