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Easy ways to clean blinds

Greetings Everyone!

Do you have any tips on how to clean blinds easily?

At the moment I'm using dry fabric cleaner or a sponge with a mild detergent and warm water solution and I'm not happy with the results.

Attached is the photo of our blinds

Looking forward to hearing tips and recommendations regarding this. Thank you so much!

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Hello zellesantos,
Dos and Don’ts for Cleaning Blinds

DO work in cleaning your blinds when you dust, so at least once a week. 

DON’T spray air freshener, hairspray, or any sticky spray near your blinds—it can cause residue to build up over time.

DO dust blinds before you vacuum or sweep, so you can remove the dust from your home rather than simply spread it around.

DON’T try to deal with the dust with water. Dry dust first with a microfiber cloth that will catch the dust. Adding water to a dusty surface tends to make a bigger mess.

I save my used dryer sheets and run those along my blinds about every couple of weeks or so. The dryer sheets seem to do a good job of repelling dust.

I often vacuum mine with a gentle attachment when they aren't too bad. When I've let the chore go too long and the blinds are extra grimy, I steam clean them first to help loosen up the dirt so that it's easier to wipe off.

Cleaning blinds is necessary for a presentable house look , take them off , get a cloth , rinse it with warm water , and clean them with the cloth thoroughly.

I use clean dryer sheets to clean our blinds. I love that it adds a fresh scent and also cleans off the dust. A couple of times a year, I vacuum them and inspect them to see if they need a more thorough cleaning.

I have a small tool that looks like a brush. It's handheld and it fits between the individual blinds and dusts them. It's really easy to use and it cuts down on the cleaning time, since I don't have to wipe each blind on its own.