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Fabric curtain in bathroom

I've been redoing the bathroom and decided to make the shower look more modern by removing the glass door and replacing it with a shower curtain. The only problem is that I don't like the look at all. So instead of that, I'd like to add a nice piece of hardware that will act as the shower rod and I'd like to use regular fabric curtains instead of those kooky shower curtains. So as long as I still add the vinyl liner to protect the fabric, do you think I'll be able to avoid mold?

Yeah, as long as you aren't keeping it wet, I'd say it won't become a breeding ground for mold. Just make sure that air can circulate freely around the room.

I've tried something similar before and the curtain didn't mold, but it began to smell pretty sour within the first month. I live in a terribly humid area though.

Yes, I think you'll be able to avoid mold just fine as long as you use a shower liner and aren't constantly getting the fabric curtain wet. They actually do make fabric shower curtains. I hope you find one you love.

That is good idea but only thing I don't like it as it doesn't looks good for longer time use as from my personal use but we have poor quality water which makes worst and smelly after sometime.

Bathrooms tend to be high-humidity spaces, so choose a fabric accordingly. If you go for lined curtains, look for weather-resistant options like Sunbrella, which are made to stand up to extra heat and humidity.

For lighter curtains, sheer fabrics will dry more quickly than heavier, so look for voiles or polyesters that don’t mind the damp

Honestly, I think that it's almost impossible to avoid mold. But what I don't get is - why do you think that typical glass is old-fashioned? I like it more than anything.

However, mine is pretty wide and is on wheels so it looks modern. A few years back I had some awful glass, now it's amazing. The only thing is that it gets dirty all the dime and it's hard to clean all the watercress on it.

Long story short, I think the glass is much easier to maintain than the fabric curtain - especially because of the mold.

Cottons work well however they'll shrink thus wash on cold water if you decide on to use these. I, personally, have sheer curtains in my lavatory windows.