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Fix now or wait for sale

A coworker of mine is going to put her house up for sale. She has already purchased a new home so this one is vacant.  She met with a realtor and they told her to just paint and clean. Personally I would fix the things that I know need fixing (floor in kitchen, countertop needs new tile). I think it would add more value and she would get more for the sale. Thoughts?

That is a tough one. I guess it would depend on how much extra she could list the house for. You wouldn't want to sink 5000 bucks into it if you were only going to raise the asking price 5000 bucks. Some things I would fix, if they were cheap fixes.

I would probably do a cost analysis. Are the things you want to fix really noticeable? If you were the buyer would you be turned off if they weren't fixed? Some people will change it all up anyway so it wouldn't be worth the cost.

I know that when I am looking to buy a new home the kitchen is probably the most important room for me. That is the only reason I think she should fix it. She has tile, just needs to replace a few pieces.

If it's an easy fix, like a few tiles I would fix it. Kitchens are probably the room that makes or breaks a sale. I know it was important when we were looking at houses too.