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French door versus sliding glass

We are going to put a new door in our dining room. It will lead out to a big side deck. What are your thoughts on French doors versus sliding glass doors? We have not decided which way to go yet.

French doors are easier to install and easier to clean in my opinion. Plus, they give the home a classy look. Both styles will do the job though.


I like both too. I think French doors are much easier to install. I think both styles look nice. I've seen some classy sliding glass doors. The key is keeping the tract clean though.

What did you decide? I would go for the French doors. They are classier for sure. I think that sliding glass doors are better quality doors and would hold up longer but French doors look better.

Honestly I like sliding glass doors better than French doors. You can get a decorative curtain for the door if you are worried about classy. I think sliding glass doors last longer.

We decided and bought a sliding glass door. We still have younger children and I think it would hold up better from them. I don't want a curtain but I might change my mind later.