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Hanging Mirrors

Do you think this tool would be useful for hanging a series of mirrors in a pattern close together? I have a wall that could use a mirror, but I would like to try and hang a few close together and have them all straight in a tight pattern. Like an X shape for instance.

Hello John J,

Good question. I used it to mount pictures with, but never had a chance to mount them in a series pattern.  If you decide to buy one, let me know how it turns out.



Since the RODY helps you measure and level things, I would think it would be useful for mounting a series of mirrors to the wall. I have not tried this project myself, though. If you try it, please let us know how it goes.

I'd say it could help you keep things straight. I'd probably start by locating the center of the space you're going to use. Hang that center mirror, then begin mapping out the rest.

Yes I think you can easily do it since this tool helps to leveling things by finding center point. I also like to see your trail as I want to do some in my guest room.

It would certainly work but wouldn't be as effective as other tools. I personally use a laser-level for hanging pictures and art perfectly horizontal or vertically, or a straight level with my handy tape measure for diagonal hanging. You can buy laser levels from Home Depot or Lpwes for as low as $15.

Excellent idea, that I would try out in my home too 😀 logically Rody tool should be able to do that as it helps you to measure and level things, isn't it?

I agree that a laser would be a good tool for this project.  I think a laser would be a great addition to the Roddy tool. You could always use the tool and mark off where the mirrors will need to go.