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Home Décor Ideas

Everybody wants to live in their dream home. Be it a classy vintage home with original floorboards or a chic modern apartment with minimalist design. Elements that add a certain individuality and uniqueness to the dream home are a must. Discussed below are some of the latest home decoration ideas that are bound to be in your home

Vintage accents

A vintage schemed décor is pleasing for the old souls. The charm of antique and retro pieces can make any place look straight out of a Jane Austen novel and add personality and art to the home. This look uses strong colors, textured wooden pieces, and uses the less is more approach when it comes to styling. Wooden trunks can be used as coffee tables to give the place that vintage aesthetic. Tables and chairs with spooled legs and spindles work the charm as well. Rich fabrics, rugs, and statement lighting give the place a vintage look in modern times.

Floral wallpaper

Floral wallpaper is making waves in home décor ideas. Floral wallpapers look amazing on walls that receive light and are used to make the look of an old room more appealing. Floral wallpapers are available in large scale, bold colors and some of them are even with metallic hues. Stick-on wallpapers are also available to change the aesthetic of the home and if not suited, then these are easy to change.

High contrast décor

Another home décor that is gaining popularity rapidly is the high contrast décor. To achieve this look you can use bright, rich even jewel-colored furniture in a stark white room. Another way to achieve this aesthetic is by having your furniture white framed and using black fabric. The idea of having complete opposite colors in one living space can be a bit intimidating, but things can be warmed up a little by adding light and warm metal finishes. Brass accents work best in high contrast interiors.

Nonwhite kitchen

The trend that has dominated in kitchen designing has always been an all-white kitchen. But, this has changed now and people are adding color to their kitchens. This can be done by having warm colored cabinets, statement tile work behind the stovetop. Shelves can be made with beautiful marble which is not all white but can have gold accents in it.

Canopy beds

Changing the look of your bedroom is now easier than ever with the help of a canopy bed. No need to drape the bed with heavy fabrics, fairy lights and light net fabric can do wonders with the bed as well. Frames do not have to be wooden, acrylic or metallic frames around the bed look amazing as well.

Antique art

Art has always been around and can make any space look modern and even royal. Have an open wall? Best to cover that wall up with antique beautiful art. Beautiful paintings can give the home an artsy aesthetic.

Cozy fabrics

Comfortable fabrics can make your home look like a safe and warm haven. Soft woven Afghans, velvet furnishings, and textured mohair can make the home the most comfortable place. Synthetic fur rugs can pull the look together and look especially beautiful on a wooden floor.

I love this! I was thinking of having a white kitchen, white means clean to me. Thanks for posting that it really isn't the way to go anymore! I also love the idea of floral wallpaper. When the sunlight hits it, it is gorgeous!