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Kitchen cabinet curtain.?


Can curtains be used as and option for an ooen kitchen cabinet style or would a plain old wooden cabinet design work best.?

I would not want curtains in my kitchen in my cabinets. That would drive me crazy! I mean, it's up to you what you use. I'm sure they would work (just to hide what is inside) but I wouldn't like the look.

I've done it before. It was a cheap alternative to getting new cabinets. I have to say that the cabinets with curtains looked really beautiful! I got lots of compliments. Unfortunately, it just wasn't practical, so my curtains only lasted about a year before I broke down and bought new cabinets. It might work better if you don't have children. I kept the curtains over my pantry though, and they still look lovely.

I've never seen this or heard of people doing this. I honestly would never use a curtain for a cupboard door or a pantry door. I just don't think it would be a look that I would like. What pattern of curtain would you use?

I got the idea from a celeb's home that was featured in Home and Garden magazine. I don't think they talked about the curtains specifically, but when I saw it, I knew it was just what I needed. My fabric was designed with the traditional Blue Willow pattern. It brightened up the room. Personally, I don't like the open shelving in kitchens that's so trendy today. To me, it allows the dishes to become dusty and gross. It sure is popular though. Different strokes and all that.