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Modular curtains


Can there be curtain designs that are modular in nature and result in the easily change of the curtain without the whole process of pins being used. As they're a huge hassle.

What is a modular curtain and why would you need pins? I mean, if you're making curtains you might have to pin then. I'm confused. I love learning new things though.

I've had modular curtains before, but what made them modular was the hardware that came with them. The curtain rod could be easily shortened or lengthened, which meant I didn't need to put more nails into the wall to suit the window frame. The curtains themselves also had snaps, so the fabric could be shortened or lengthened without needing to cut or hem them. I'm sure there are different styles and types though.

I've never had modular curtains before but they do sound interesting. I could see how these would be helpful if you needed to change the length. I'm sure my cat would climb inside the bottom though if they were snapped to be shorter.