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Moving heavy bedroom furniture

Do you guys have any tips for moving heavy bedroom furniture? We need to move the bed, the dresser, and the chaise longue. My husband and I are just moving these from one room to another, but we have to get them across the hall and the other room is on the other side of the house. We don't want to ask anyone else for help due to the pandemic. Any tips?

I found the best way to move heavy furniture from one room or another is by putting the dresser or other furniture on a large mat or a blanket that way it can glide across the flooring or the carpet. Also, another way is to have a dolly to help with the weight.

Asking someone else, even with COVID, as long as you are wearing masks and sanitize hands before or after there is very little risk of infection. It also depends on your ability and health if you can lift.

For the dresser taking the drawers out, will also make it lighter to move, just a few suggestions.

Could you take the bed apart? When I've had to move a bed,  it made it a lot easier to move the bed in pieces as opposed to one large piece of furniture.

I also second getting help if you need it. It's not worth getting hurt moving something. Obviously, take steps to keep safe from the pandemic! Mask up and sanitize!

I would definitely take apart as much as you can. Take the headboard and the mattresses off and it will be a lot lighter. Dressers are a lot lighter without the drawers too. Do you have a dolly or cart? You could use either of those to help too.

I think the most logical tip would be to tear apart everything as much as you can. That means take the foot board and headboard off the bed frame, take the drawers out of the dresser too. I agree with putting the items on a blanket and pulling them into the next room.

Take the furniture apart as much as you can. Not only will that make the pieces lighter, but they'll be more maneuverable. The blanket idea is a good one. Depending on the situation, you could also tie a rope to the furniture and once it's on the blanket, and use the rope to pull it.

Moving furniture is definitely a risky task but hiring a moving company for that job is a reliable step as movers know how to move the furniture without any damage.

That's a good point, JamieMorris. I've used a moving company before and I was very happy with their work, but we only had a few pieces of furniture to move to a different room, so it didn't warrant hiring a pro this time. Hiring a moving company is well worth the money for bigger jobs though.