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Pantone’s Color of the Year

I loved it when Pantone named Illuminating, which is a brilliant shade of yellow, as their color of the year in 2021. However, I recently learned that a few months later they added Ultimate Gray, which is a shade that's as dull as it sounds, to their list. I wondered what was driving all the designs with yellow and gray as the main color choices and now I know the answer. Are you a fan of the two winners?

I love both colors! I don't know what it is about gray but I want to add it to each room. Yellow is my favorite color too. I can see how those two colors would look great together.

My wife is in love with the color gray too. She wants to use it in the kitchen (along with white). Where would you use the yellow color? Perhaps a bathroom or bedroom? I can't see it in a kitchen or dining room.

I think yellow became popular during the pandemic. It's a cheerful color that brightens the room. I've mostly seen bold yellow accents in kitchens and living rooms. I'm tired of gray, though. It's still a trendy color, but I feel that it's overdone.