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Preventing mildew

Do you guys have any tips for preventing mildew in the bathroom? Our tile isn't the easiest stuff to clean, especially in between the grout.

Increasing the ventilation in the room and decreasing the humidity will help. Try some DampRid that you can get from most big-box stores and see if that helps.

My go-to fix is to make up a paste with OxiClean and water. I put it on pretty thick and let it sit overnight, then wash it off the next day. I also use some of that daily bathroom cleaner from Tilex after I shower. I just spray it and leave it. I'm not keen on deep cleaning, so it suits me.

If you already have mold/mildew you need to dry the area and use bleach or something similar to kill and clean it. If you are just getting it, you need to get a better exhaust fan. A higher powered fan should help with the humidity and prevent mold.

Thanks for the help guys! I know what I'll be doing this coming weekend. Now I just need to order the supplies. Thanks a bunch.

Mildew and mold in the bathroom is bad news for sure. You can try a vinegar and hydrogen peroxide solution on it too. More importantly you need to figure out why mildew is growing in there. I would try to be sure that your exhaust fan is going every time the water is on.