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Should You Hire Family To Do Renovations?

My aunt is looking at replacing her cabinets and her flooring. She's decided to hire a family member who owns a home renovation business to do the work. What does the community think about hiring family members to do renovations on your home?

I say sure, why not. If they do a great job I see nothing wrong with hiring them. Be sure to pay them and tell them if there is something you don't like.

That is a tough one. You don't want to have issues with a family member and you might if you don't think they do a good job. I would probably not hire family.

I'm torn. I would want to support my family member and their business, but I would also feel hesitant to express my displeasure with their work. So, I personally would only hire the family member if I felt confident treating the family member as someone I've hired, not as a family member.

I think that if your aunt has a good relationship with the family member, than you should go for it! I've had good experiences with family members doing renovations for me, so I think that it's a good idea!