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Simplifying Vertical Blinds Installation in Easy Steps

Windows are undoubtedly an imperative part of any structure. Whether you’re building a residential or commercial premise, you’ll definitely want to consider the neatness and sophistication of window blinds. Among the most popular window treatment is the vertical blinds for a polished look that meets every utility needs. Interestingly, operating and maintaining them is quite straightforward. These blinds move on blind tracks that fitted just above the window panes. You’ll need wands or thick chords to control them. Of course, there are automated track options where you can set up your blinds with a remote control.


All You Need to Know about Vertical Blinds Installation

While the whole process seems a dainty task, installing vertical window blinds is easy. Nonetheless, the most ideal solution is to seek help from a professional. Make sure that the individual is licensed and has adequate experience when it comes to drills, screws, drivers, lever tools, along with the tool kit. Here are a few useful tips to carrying out impeccable installation of vertical blinds on your windows.


Gather the Right Equipment

The first step to cutting a tree is to sharpen your axe and installing vertical blinds on your windows is not any different – you’ve got to put together the right equipment for the task. This shows that you know exactly what you want to do!


Among the most vital and handy tools you will need to mount your vertical window blinds include lever tool, steel measuring tape, step ladder, screw driver or a power drill, hammer, and a pencil.


Familiarize with the Whole Process

Once you have everything set, don’t hasten to jump into the installation process yet. First, take some time to unpack the mounting hardware, blinds, and tools to make sure nothing is missing. Often, vertical blinds come with valance. Check out if your valance features a front insert. These valances allow you to glide them into the edges along the decorative cover front.


Inside Mount Installation

If you’re mounting your blinds inside the window frame, you’ve got to screw holes into the valance so that you can mount it inside the upper frame to hide the head-rail. Then, mark holes on the inner part of the upper frame and attach the valance along with the brackets to the window frame. Next, snap the head-rail into the brackets by hooking the front end into the clip and lifting the back end until it clicks into place. Lastly, put up the vanes and you’re good to go!


Outside Mount Installation

When mounting your vertical blinds on the exterior of the frame, you’ll first need to locate the head-rail over the windows so that you can place the blinds. Mark the positioning of the brackets directly over the head-rail and attach the bracket to the wall. Once done, hook the head-rail onto the brackets and attach the vanes. Finally, push the corners onto any end of the valance to snap the clips along the head-rail to attach the side pieces and gently glide the valance into the clips and you’re done.



Thanks for the tips. I currently have standard style shades, but I always liked vertical blinds and their overall style and ease of use. Plus, they seem to block out more light than traditional pull down shades.


I'm leaning on getting some vertical blinds installed soon, just to add to the blackout curtains I'm getting for all windows in my place as well.  Should block out the sun quite nicely. 🙂

Are vertical blinds more likely to crack and break than horizontal ones? It seems like every set I've ever seen have broken pieces in them. That's one of the reasons I've never considered using them in the past.

When I was in college I had a set of vertical blinds in my dorm room. For the most part their build quality seemed more sustainable than horizontal blinds, or traditional ones. The only downside that I can recall, is that some portions of the blinds can fall out, but I blame that on me for being so rough one time and ended up breaking one of the blinds. It still worked though, just had one portion out.

I think the only downside I can think of is that they can be a bit more loud than horizontal ones if they're moving a lot. Probably a personal thing on my end, but I felt like I should mention it.

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Thanks for this thread it has been very helpful in helping me and my paps.


Thank you for your well researched article.  You stated:

Among the most vital and handy tools you will need to mount your vertical window blinds include lever tool, steel measuring tape, step ladder, screw driver or a power drill, hammer, and a pencil.

I would also add, in due time, the RODY Precision Corner tool! 🙂




Thanks for the tips, I've never installed blinds myself, but my daughter recently broke the ones in the living room. I'm going to try installing it myself instead of getting someone to do it. Save some money and learn a new skill.

Thanks for these tips, also for easier installation, a cordless power screwdriver or a drill with a ¼-inch Hex head bit is recommended.

Thanks for sharing this. You have made an otherwise complex procedure to be easy. This pandemic period, i am keen on such DIY kind of projects. Please share more of such.

I use blinds in my office and at home. Your advice enhances my knowledge. thanks for sharing