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Smart home

Have you installed a central hub in your home? I'd love to hear which option you went with. I would like to incorporate smart tech into our home, but I don't want it to stand out and ruin our home's minimalist vibe. Any tips?

Since I was already tied into Amazon's ecosystem thanks to Prime, I stuck with the company's smart home gear. With the proper gear, Alexa can do everything from locking the door to playing music throughout the house. It's rather nifty. Most smart home tech is made to look sleek. You'll hardly notice it.

No, but we want to. I would probably go with Amazon too because I already have so many Amazon products. It's good to hear that someone has and likes it. We have Alexa working but she doesn't lock doors.

I envy anyone who has a smart home. I would like to do this but I'm sure the actual cost to implement it would be crazy high. I love the commercials that show the smart homes. We have an Echo Dot but Alexa only plays music.

I don't have any products like this in my home. I don't know if I would want any either. It seems like a lot of extra bells and whistles. If someone wants smart products, that's okay, but they are not for me!

One sure way to not disrupt the homes minimalist vibe is not to get that technology.

I always worry about power outages. I have a tough time resetting my oven clock when the power comes back on, much less a device like this.

I'd love to get some smart technologies installed in my home. Something I would really love is a doorbell with a camera. I think that would be really useful, especially when I'm not expecting company.