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Succulent Terrarium

Has anyone ever made a succulent terrarium before? Did it work out well for you? I don't have a green thumb AT ALL so I'm hoping that a terrarium will help keep my plants alive!  😆

This is such a neat idea! I haven't built one before, but now I'm interested. I haven't had a succulent for a long time, and a terrarium would keep it looking nice while I attempt to keep the plant alive.   😆

My wife has succulents but just outside in the flower bed. Succulents are easy to keep alive. I swear, even our hard winters and ice doesn't kill them. Good luck with your project.

I have several cacti that I keep alive quite easily. They don't require a lot of water, and they love a sunny window ledge. My mom has a Christmas cactus that has bloomed every year for at least ten years. I love raising plants and I hope you find enjoyment raising your plants.