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Throw Pillows

What do you think about throw pillows? Do you like to use them in your home? I'm not a huge fan of them, because I feel that they take up too much space on the couch.

I think a throw pillow here and there is tasteful and makes the couch look less bare and more welcoming. I do agree that you can have way too many on a couch, however!

I love throw pillows. I think they add character to a room. They are a cheap way to dress up furniture too. Plus, most are just plain comfy!! My kids use them on the floor when they lay down to watch television.

That's a really good point, @samanthaV. I didn't think that they could be used as a way to make the floor more comfy! I'd always seen them as an obstacle to work around when sitting on the couch! XD

I love throw pillows so much. They are such a wonderful and colorful addition to a room. I love the ones that have a small scene or picture on them. My favorite ones are from my mother that have cardinals and chickadees on them.