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Types of curtains.

What is a French curtain rod?
French Rods (also called "French Poles") are one of the most popular drapery hardware styles right now. Instead of cutting off in midair, French-style curtain rods return to the wall.
Different Types of Curtains
  • Pinch pleat (or tailored pleat) curtains.
  • Box pleat curtains.
  • Goblet pleat curtains.
  • Pencil pleat curtains.
  • Eyelet (grommet) curtains.
  • Rod-pocket curtains.
  • Tab-top curtains.

This is very interesting, I never knew all the different types of curtains. Now I will need to search for some pictures to figure how they look.

We went with the grommet style curtains, and they're easier to open and shut than the old pencil pleat curtains that we replaced.  Our new curtains are also easier to keep clean too.  The old curtains seemed to trap dust and pet hair.

Their are different types of curtains available in market and you share some of them here. I was looking for article recently and I found their are at least 30 types of curtain. Have a look here:


30 Types of Curtains for the Home (Curtain Buying Guide)