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What color blinds

We just bought some new curtains for our living room. They are flowered, multicolor with a lot of fall colors. What color blinds would you pair these with? I don't want white.

What color are your walls in that room? I would probably lean towards using a color like that. It would really make the curtains "pop" if you had the wall color and blinds match.

I'm a fan of floral patterns. I bet your curtains are beautiful. What about pairing them with some faux wood or dusky gray blinds? Either of those will look good without stealing the focus away from your new curtains.

I like the gray idea too. That way they would not draw away from the flowered curtains. If not gray maybe tan, kind of bland so that wouldn't draw away the curtain color either.

Great question! I like gray but I also like a color that compliments the curtains too. What did you decide to do? I hope you did not go with plain white. I bet it looks great whatever you picked.