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What else can the RODY do?

I'm curious to know what else the RODY tool can be used for. Using it for curtains and blinds is one thing, but are there any other uses for it? I see you can use it for putting up pictures and other such things.

I checked the video out under the how it works section and there's a lot of things you can do with it, but is there anything else we could use it for?

Hello Brian,

Yes on many things. Here is one example: Bookshelf!




Nice, I didn't even think of that. Could you use this for a table and a coffee table?

Yes, but you have to be creative with using the tool to accomplish the job. Remember the RPC  ( Rody Precision Corner ) tool is ultimately designed for mounting brackets.



Thanks for responding. Appreciate all the help so far. 🙂

Interesting stuff will keep this in mind when looking for tools!

It nice to know that we can make it Bookshelf too with RODY tool as I thought it means for certain things in blinds and stuff.

Would you please share some information to make Table ?

Thanks in advance.

Hello James,

Yes, what I meant was, the tool can be used for leveling and marking to the corners on these tables, not cutting.  I hope this clarifies it. If someone has an RPC tool and likes trying it on the table, please share it with everyone by uploading the photos to the Projects Forum.



Thought I'd get creative... how about technical drawing?

Hello TonyFL,

The tool may be able to be used on some technical drawings, but the only way to find out is to try it.  If it doesn't work, you're covered under the 12 days Rody Precision Corner Money Back Guarantee, and then you can return it.