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What Got You Into DIY?

For me, it was watching home improvement shows. I also would help my parents with projects around the house, and as time went on, I started  doing those projects myself. My dad had a pretty well-stocked shop, so I had lots of tools at my disposal!

For me it was my addiction to Pinterest and working in the wood shop with my grandpa. I love to change things up often and that means money. Being able to do a lot of it by myself saves tons of money.

Braelynn, Being a DIYer definitely saves lots of money! I also feel a huge sense of accomplishment whenever I complete a project. I love the satisfaction of starting a project that I'm excited about and seeing it through to the end.

Finding vintage furniture that had good bones, but needed some work is what got me addicted to DIY. It's rewarding to breathe new life into old stuff.

I started in my late teens. I loved all the new trendy stuff, but I was a broke college student and couldn't afford any of it. I learned how to build it and make it instead of buying off the rack. I was awful at first, but with time and practice I got better. Our tiny apartment was the cool hangout place by junior year.

I got into DIY by learning to knit and sew when I was in middle school. After that, I took wood working in high school. My interest blossomed from there. 🙂

When I was a kid, my mom worked with me on several embroidery projects and my dad helped me learn simple woodworking skills. That was the start of my interest in DIY! I had so much fun making things with my parents. We still work together on projects to this day!