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What led to the idea?

What led you to invent the RODY Precision Corner tool? What was the inspiration? I have to admit that I'm picturing a moment of frustration on a project that you knew would've been easier if only you had the tool you created. How long did it take? It would be cool to hear the story behind it.

Hello ArnieWeaver,

Yes, I was frustrated with the task of tape measuring each corner.  So I build a tool in the garage then I used it to mount brackets in a faster, easier, and effortless way.  For more detail, please click on the ABOUT US   page.



If only I was that good! A lot of projects frustrate me but I've never tried to build or make something to make it easier. Bravo to you! I'm excited to try this new tool. I'm also going to start to think outside the box, who knows what I'll come up with.

I would not hold back to say that it was indeed a great idea. RODY precision corner is a great platform for the ones engaged with the related content it contains.

Being 3 tools in one basically, it's a time saver when you do a lot of measuring and cutting.

All it takes is one frustrated individual to make something easier so the rest of us don't get frustrated.