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What's the distinction between blinds and shades?

What's the distinction between blinds and shades?

The main distinction is within the material: Blinds area unit typically made up of wood, metal, or a composite, in order that they have a tougher look; shades area unit fabric-based, giving rooms a softer feel.
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While blinds and shades are often lumped together, there is a remarkable difference between these two styles of window treatments. Often considered a “hard” window treatment, blinds are usually made out of wood, vinyl, or metal. Shades, on the other hand, are usually created with a large swath of soft fabric material.

Both blinds and shades can be made out of different materials. I've seen some pull down shades that were metal. Shades are coverings that work as one whole piece. Some are made with a honeycomb design, but it's still one whole piece. Shades often roll to the top. It makes a satisfactory sound when you pull on the bottom and it pops to the top (just me?). On the other hand, blinds have many parts, such as individual slats, that make up the whole.