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Which project adds the most resale value?

We're still in our starter home, but we're planning to move in about three years, so we're interested in home improvement projects that will raise the value of our home. Which has the most impact on resale value, updating the kitchen, updating the master bathroom, or upgrading the landscaping?

I think that updating the kitchen usually adds the most resale value to a home. I believe landscaping would have the lowest impact, but would also probably cost less than the other two options.

My aunt and uncle are selling their home soon and they've completely updated the kitchen. I think that landscape is more subjective than a kitchen. What you like for landscape might not be what the future buyer would want. I'd go with the kitchen!

When I was looking for a new house the room that mattered the most to me was the kitchen. If it has an old and outdated kitchen people will probably be turned away. The second room was the bathroom for me.

Definitely the kitchen! I wouldn't spend too much money though because the new homeowners might want to make it their own too. I would also work on the landscaping. Curb appeal is the first impression, make it a good one.

The bathroom is the most important room to me. If the bathroom looks really rough, I'm much less interested in the house. I think that the kitchen is important too. For both rooms, I'd make them both as neutral as possible. That way, the new homeowner can do what they want with the rooms!

I found if you are selling your house before you are to show and stage it has personal items removed from the walls so they have a clean look.

The future buyer needs to feel what it would like as with her own personal touch, so

as clean paint job in a neutral colour works the best.

I also try to make sure my cupboards are clean and organized as you know they are going to look at the space in closets. I also try to make sure the drapery is clean, these small details make a difference.