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Window privacy film

I don't know why the builders put four huge windows in the bathroom, but they did and I've always felt a little uncomfortable even with blinds supposedly blocking the view. I stumbled across some nice looking privacy film on Amazon that does the trick much better than blinds. It was easy to put on the windows and it lets in some natural light while protecting our privacy. It looks much nicer than blackout film too.

That pattern looks similar to a stained-glass window. It's a neat effect. I'm glad you found a solution that works for your home. I wouldn't feel comfortable with just blinds either in that circumstance.

That's pretty cool! I love it actually! I will have to look at Amazon to order some. Is it staying attached even with the moisture in the bathroom? I wonder how long it will last?

This looks amazing! I would like to try this in my sewing room. I think it would be really neat when the light hits it and shines in. I do wonder though about the bathroom where there is a lot of moisture.