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Woodpecker Woes

There's a woodpecker who has decided that my shed is the best place to drum away! I'm not sure what is the best way to send the little guy a firm (but polite) message that what he's doing isn't welcome.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Oh no! I would advise you to put feeders out for them, but away from your shed. We have many woodpeckers here but our feeders are away from our house and garage. They love suet, suet feeders and suet is cheap.

Not only do woodpeckers drum in order to find food, but it's also their way of finding a mate and claiming their territory. Spring is right around the corner, so that's probably what's happening. If your shed is made out of wood, check for termites just in case the bird is after an easy meal.

My parents have brown paper bags hanging from their shed doors. They told me that the noise deters the birds from bothering with the shed. I'm not sure if this would work, but maybe?

I love birds but I would not want woodpeckers pecking at my shed. I would try to place feeders away from the shed too. It might draw them away from your wooden shed. Good luck with the birds!

The woodpeckers near my home love peanut butter, especially the crunchy kind. In addition to the suet, as others have suggested, perhaps try peanut butter in your feeder?

Thank you all so much for all these wonderful ideas! I'm trying to lure them away with food. So far, they seem to be pecking on the shed a bit less. We'll be checking for termites next!