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Works Great with Displates!

So, my wife and I just finished decorating our guest room with a movie theme. I purchased three movie poster displates ( to finish it off (Forrest Gump, Pale Rider, and Back to the Future II for anyone wondering). What makes displates unique is the fact that you put them up by attaching a magnet to the wall and then sticking the metal plate to the magnet. I got them up but kept thinking they looked off center/tilted/etc. Finally, I realized that the RODY was the perfect tool for straightening them up. All it took was a couple of minutes and I had them up perfectly. I had mainly thought of the RODY as a great tool for installation, but when it comes to displates, it's a great tool for ensuring they're level, the right distance apart, etc.

Now I can't wait to have some guests over so they can see how great the room looks!



Yes, the website is awesome!  They have a lot of stuff.

Here is a nice Superman displate, one of the best depictions of Superman I've ever seen:

It's great that you found the tool has helped you with this.  The tool's potentiality for many different applications is like a journey of discovery!  You just never know what else you may end up using it for.  😀