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Your Thoughts on Bamboo Blinds

Do any of you have bamboo blinds in your home? What do you think of them? I'm considering buying some for my home. I like that they are eco-friendly and let some light in.

I really like the texture bamboo blinds add to a room. They come in lots of colors and shades, so it'll be easy to match them to your floor or other aspects of the room. I also like that they are eco-friendly. I'd definitely add bamboo blinds to your décor!

Interesting for sure. I've never heard of or seen bamboo blinds. I'm going to have to look into these. I love different things and these sound different. Where would I find these blinds?

It looks like they do a good job of letting some natural light through, which is a plus for me. However, I would worry that people could see inside, so I don't think I'd ever use them.