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Cupboard painting questions

My wife has this fantastic idea for one of our "flip homes". She wants to take all the kitchen cupboards down and repaint them. She has already picked out the color (off white/gray tint). Would you take them off the wall or try to do it while they were still attached? They need sanding too. My fear is once we take them down, it will be a struggle getting them back up (level or not damaged).

If you were just going to paint them, then I think they'd be fine staying up. However, if you're also sanding the cabinets, then yeah, I think your wife is correct. You'll get a better finish anyway and sanding will make a huge mess if you do it inside.

I have done it both ways and it is far easier (in the end) to take them down. Sand and paint them outside. You can touch up the cupboards once they are back up. Good luck! I hope it turns out fabulous!

I would also take them off the wall. Putting them back up isn't as hard as it looks. You can paint the wall easier too if you first take down the cupboards. The project can be done either way, but I would take them off.

We decided to take them down and do all the work. We have half of them down now. I figured we should take them all down, sand and paint, and then put them back up.

What did you end up doing? I would have taken them down to paint. It would have been more work but it would look better. We did this a few year's ago in one of our "flip" homes.

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