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DIY on a Budget

What are some of the best ways to continue doing DIY projects on a budget? I'm trying to save some money, but I still want to do projects! Right now, I'm looking at remodeling my bedroom.

We always go to a Mr. Second store for some of the supplies we need. The one thing that we don't go cheap on is wood. You get what you pay for.

Can you sew? You could buy material and make new curtains or a quilt?

Repurposing what you already have on hand is a great way to update your space on a budget. A shirt becomes a pillow or an old bookcase becomes the new cat tree. Really the sky is the limit. It's environmentally friendly too.

I know the threat of COVID-19 makes shopping tricky right now, but I've scored some great deals at garage sales and estate sales. It's a tip to tuck away if you don't feel comfortable going out now.

I really like your idea, Miranda! Upcycling is a super fun idea, and I'm eager to get started on one of these projects. I'm in love with the idea of using a bookshelf as a cat tree! I think my cat would be delighted! 😀

Ask friends for help when you need it, but don't forget to pay it forward and help out when you can too. My buddies and I have saved a bundle over the years by working together on projects.