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Finishing the basement

We're planning to put our home up for sale within the next couple of years. Like every seller, we hope to maximize our profits, so the changes we make will be geared towards that. We currently have an unfinished basement. It already has plumbing installed, but it needs drywall, heat/air, a door to the bathroom, and other things like that. It's a medium-sized basement. Do you think it's a wise investment to go ahead and finish it?

I'm not sure, but I doubt it will add much resale value. It will cost a pretty penny to vent those rooms and there's no telling what you might find when you start trying to frame it in. I would focus on easier fixes that are less costly and time-consuming.

You know, you might want to ask a realtor in your area about it. The housing market varies greatly state by state and even city by city A realtor will have a better idea of what potential buyers are after in your market.

Have you priced out the project? Do you think you can add that cost onto the cost of your house? I love a finished basement but I'm not sure that it would add a great deal of value.

I would not spend the money if you are selling the house. Some people could care less about a finished basement. You have the start done so if they want to, they can. I just don't think you will recover the cost.

I'm on the fence with this one. A lot of people that I know would pay extra for a nicely finished basement. They could use it for a family room or bedroom.

I would figure out the cost and then decide.

I appreciate the suggestions! After talking to a realtor and getting some estimates, I realize that it won't be worth fixing it up. We'd get something out of it, but not much, and it would take a lot of work to complete it.