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Hanging Garden Basket

Has anyone made a hanging garden basket before? I want to try and grow some lettuce for my family this summer, but we don't have the yard space for a garden.

No, but it sounds interesting. Are you thinking of having it be like a wooden box or basket type? We have planted tomatoes in flower basket type planters. They worked wonderfully.

I've done that with ferns. They looked gorgeous until some finches built their nest inside the foliage. We couldn't water the plants anymore, but it sure was fun to watch them. A basket garden sounds great. Just make sure to put the baskets where it will be easy to water the plants. Location matters too because water will inevitably spill out of the bottom.

Yes! It's a great idea if you don't have the room for a garden. You'll want to make sure you put it where it will get lots of sun. We put ours over a flower bed so the runoff water helps keep the flowers wet.

I love this idea too. My mom always had a big garden but now doesn't have the room. I wonder if you could make a hanging square wooden garden. I'm going to look for plans online.