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Housing market

What is driving the housing market up? When I checked with the realtor about finishing my basement, she encouraged me to hurry up and get my home on the market because the prices are on the rise.

Wow, that's news to me. I figured that the pandemic would lead to prices going down since buyers would have less funds and there would be a glut of homes on the market due to foreclosures.

I think the price of lumber might have something to do with it. Lumber is so costly that most new homeowners have opted to buy what's already available rather than building something new. So there's an increased demand.

My friend just listed her home. She got a full price offer the same day she listed! Crazy! I think that it is the price of lumber too. People aren't building, they are buying. Good luck when you list!

I'm sure it has to do with the lumber market. No one can afford to build right now. It's a crazy world and the prices keep going up! I say get your house on the market. It will probably sell quickly!