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Making outdoor wood decorations

We are making "Welcome" signs and other outdoor wood signs. It's been fun so far. Anyone have any ideas on any other signs we can make? We are going to try to sell them at the craft show this fall.

The "live, laugh, _____" theme is still popular. You could make some that read, "live, laugh, craft." I bet they'd go over well. Athletic signs are usually popular too.

I've seen a lot of signs and they seem to sell well. How about "Welcome Fall, Y'all" or just some flower signs. If you were doing inside ones you could do the "Always Kiss Me Goodnight".

How nifty, Samantha! I hope you sell a ton! I imagine that holiday signs will sell well in any area. Many of the kitchens and family rooms in the South have signs with biblical verses, so you might try that if that's your target demographic.