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Might have to order one 🙂

So I've always struggled with setting up curtains and blinds. Often times I get it wrong and install it at a weird angle, or other times I completely mess it up and break something. I think it's partly because I'm short, and have to maneuver my way to make things work lol.

Anyway, wanted to ask some questions about this Rody tool.

Is it easy to use?

Does it promise perfect alignment? 

How much does it cost? - Never mind, I see the current ones are priced around $20


My apologies if some of these questions have already been answered.

Hello Brian,

Thank you for your feedback. you said:

" Is it easy to use? "

Yes, it is very easy to use. All you need is to place it on any 90 degree corner and mark it with a pencil.

" Does it promise perfect alignment? "

Yes it does. As long as your windows were structurally built with perfect alignment.



Thank you for your response and answering my questions. I think I'm going to grab one soon, as the price is just too good to pass up on for something that is so useful.

Indeed it is excellent tool and it would have costs in $xxx in my country( New Zealand). Do you have any plans to make it available in this our country? We have small market but don't have stuff like this so it will be good market for your product.

Hello James,

Thank you for your positive feedback.  Hopefully, soon my products make it there. I always wanted to travel to New Zealand and meet wonderful people there.